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FacilityCompass gives you all the tools you need to automate and manage your cleaning business stress-free.



Why FacilityCompass?


Increase Efficiency

Switch your process from manual paper work, printing, clipboards, folders and filing to FacilityCompass’s easy-to-use web application with automated tasks or jobs scheduling.


Business Insights

By eliminating manual work for common tasks, FacilityCompass always has up-to-date information. The result is timely, accurate reporting and forecasting, so you can better plan for your business's future.


Mobile Suite

Access your data offline through FacilityCompass smart phone and tablet apps.


Quality Management

Improve quality and increase your business agility with automated job scheduling and quality management.


Route Planner

Track product usages for each customer or site and plan delivery route using FacilityCompass smart route planner.


Customer Feedback

Track your customer communications and improve customer support using FacilityCompass customer feedback management module.

Stay ahead of the game

Increase efficiency and quality of your business

  • No more manual paperwork.
  • Easy access to your data anytime, anywhere.
  • Planning and scheduling of periodic tasks.
  • Track your field work realtime.
  • Your own customer portal to allow your customers to access restricted data.
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Frequently asked questions


What is FacilityCompass all about?

FacilityCompass is a suite of online services that you can access from our cloud (Website). Our vision is to help you to make your business archive the best by providing simple and easy to use functionalities.


Is there any long term contract?

No. There are no long term contract. You can opt for monthly or yearly subscription. For yearly subscriptions, we offer discount.


How do I get started?

You can start by simply creating a Free Trial account. You can enjoy the full set of features up to 14 days and upgrade to suitable paid plan. Our team is always happy to help you to setup FacilityCompass and please send your queries to [email protected]


Is my personal or company information secure?

Yes. We assure you that the contents of your Account will not be disclosed to anyone. Neither do we process the contents of your Account for serving targeted advertisements. FacilityCompass will not share your personal information to third parties. In addition, when you pay by credit card for FacilityCompass services, your credit card information is not stored by us, but is securely passed to the credit card companies and in use for that single transaction. Users can also access their personal information to make changes and remove themselves from the system.